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​LondonCoutureBoutique was born in Maryland in 2014, Natural born designers/stylist! Background Massachusetts & Maryland growing up! Always had a third eye for fashion" In high school, I was always interested in high-end fabrics, silk fur, etc... it has always been my passion to make a woman look good, it brought me joy! My favorite movie was Mannequin it was about a plastic soul that came alive at night! She dressed very well the Boutique she lived in was truly a statement! But that was the beginning for me! 
From that point on  I knew what I wanted to do with my life trace the world for unique fabric, sitting in the room with a woman I wanted to make look Beautiful! Beautiful Brown woman, Beautiful lighter skin woman! In my brain, we are all the same!  However the most important fact about my talent was to educate woman fashion has no rules have fun, fell amazing let the energy of looking good to run Thur your vain! Mix & Match fabrics color Patterns,  Fashion has one rule look good while your wearing LondonCoutureboutique Please take your time to look at the wonderful ideas we have put together for you LondonCoutureboutique Boutique has to offer! 

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